Music video for Cloth by Cool Fun.
Directed by Jay Moy.
Sarah by Sarah Johns, Mark by Max Jung. Cine operated by Matthew Midwood. Trees, grass and leaves by Beverley Westwood. Sheets by Tony’s Textiles
Special thanks to Grosvenor Mill for not splitting in two during filming.
Received a special mention at Glimmer, the 9th Hull International Short Film Festival.
The Sitting. Jay Moy (2009)
“Made from fragmented video recorded while sitting for a portrait, collated and re-assembled, echoing the temporal process of painting and examining the relationship between the subject and the artist.” Ken Brellyant
Taken from the album “Everything Is Touching Everything Else”.
Steel Tiger Records.
Right as Rain by Mr. Beasley
Music video for Cool Fun, the new project from Third Face(Full Cycle Records)
Filmed at rapidly receding Skipsea on the North East coast.
Winner of the Hull Award at Glimmer, the 6th Hull International Short Film Festival.