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Create_Space is a virtual collaboration tool for creating, developing, and presenting multidisciplinary artwork. The development of the tool involved consulting with people from a wide range of backgrounds, including artists, producers, composers, festival directors, virtual theatre makers, and film directors. Each phase has been tested by practising artists from a wide range of artistic disciplines.

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In February 2022 a further phase of testing was carried out, supported by Digital Democracies and Freedom Festival Arts Trust . Using immersive environments, tools, and workflows, groups of artists worked in collaboration on an imagined brief to create site-specific art in public space for a project site in Hull.

Create_Space allows for collaborating and consulting with additional stakeholders, such as producers, project managers, communities, and individuals. It enables the consideration of additional layers of Augmented Reality content to be accessed in the physical locations through digital technologies, and provides opportunities to explore the production of digital and virtual versions, accessible remotely from the sites, and to consider issues such as carbon footprint and accessibility.

Create_Space Map

The Create_Space environment is highly adaptable, and I am always interested in discussing possible applications for this way of working. If you have a project in mind, or would just like to chat, please get in touch via the contact page and I’d be happy to talk through ideas.

Below is some of the feedback from artists who have worked with Create_Space:

“It felt real, it felt tangible, you got a real experience of how this could look in a way I’ve never known with a project like this. See things properly come to life in front of you and get the ideas up on their feet really quickly, then being able to move things around and be responsive to each other

“When we finished it all and went into VR, I think it just showed the brilliance of it and you could actually experience it how you’d want it be, like fully experience it. It felt you were there and it was working how you wanted it to be, and I thought that was quite amazing really”

“A real sense of exciting potential rippling underneath, how accommodating it is, a small glimpse of the potential, of what the future of collaboration could be, and how that shapes and forms ideas”

“It removes your physical limitations”

Create_Space is built on the Mozilla Hubs platform and can be accessed via a Virtual Reality headset, web browser, or mobile device.

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