Streaming & Events

I have an interest in streaming technologies and how these can be used in an arts context for the creation, development, and sharing of work.

I enjoy working with organisations and individuals to develop creative solutions that, if required, can utilise their currently owned equipment and embed skills for future events. Or if preferred I can bring all of the equipment required, and fully take care of the technical side of things.

For a copy of my Introduction to Streaming for Artists guide, or for general advice, please get in touch via the contact page.

Phygital Phonics / Hull Artist Research Initiative / October 2022
Phygital Phonics / Hull Artist Research Initiative / October 2022
Jez Riley French / Phygital Phonics / Hull Artist Research Initiative / October 2022

‘Phygital Phonics’ at HARI

Sarah and Tom at Hull Artist Research Initiative asked me to help with their Phygital Phonics event. This was supported by Axis Web as part of their Let’s Get Phygital initiative, which aims to “help artists think through radical and innovative ways of how we integrate everyday technology into our lives in a post-pandemic world”.

Together we developed a strategy for their event, which combined artists joining and performing via Zoom, artists performing live in the physical space to a live audience, and then for all of this to be streamed live. It was set up so that all participants and audiences were able to experience all aspects of the event, this involved making decisions about how this all linked together. One important aspect for me was that this was done in partnership with Tom and Sarah, rather than me just coming in and setting it all up. I explained the options along the way and the advantages and disadvantages of each, and we then agreed on the solutions. It was agreed that the goal wasn’t to make it perfect, but to make it the best it could be with the equipment and time that we had. All of the equipment used was Sarah’s, Tom’s or HARI’s, meaning they are in a position to stream again when ready. We were aware of the limitations that were present due to equipment and time constraints, and we discussed ways to work around these, and after the event we shared our learning and discussed options for next time.

“At HARI we have nothing but respect and gratitude for Jay’s work skills and attitude. He supported HARI with its experimental hybrid physical-digital Phygital Phonics sound art event by helping us to understand how to use all of our available technology in the most effective way. He tutored us through each step of the process and then led us through the management of the technical aspects of the event, with multiple laptops, webcams and microphones. Jay operated the broadcast software on the night for us as we juggled the hosting of both online and onsite performances and audiences.”

Sarah and Tom (Hull Artist Research Initiative)

He did all of this with great kindness, patience and warmth, and was a joy to work with – we couldn’t have done it without him!

Sarah pennington – Hull Artist Research initiative
Social Art Network / Social Art Assembly / Brighton November 2022

Social Art Assembly

I worked with Stacey and James from Social Art Network to provide support for the Social Art Assembly in Brighton. This was a blended event, with some participants being physically present, and others joining online. The aim was to make the experience as valuable as possible for both the physical and digital participants, with engagement and interaction as similar as possible between both. This required the combination of a bespoke digital strategy, and excellent hosting and event management from Stacey and James.

Having someone who is versed in the equipment, patient, calm, and adaptable made the process and experience far easier. While simply having the equipment can allow you to replicate the setup – having a skilled, experienced and dedicated person setting it up and running it makes a massive difference.

“We were really pleased with how well the technical delivery of the event was led by Jay. He helped us to think critically and practically about realising our ambitions for the event and devised and provided a setup which fulfilled our brief well. Jay worked well as part of the team, he was versed in the equipment, patient, calm, and adaptable, making the process of running the event so much easier. We would happily work with Jay again”

James & Stacey (Leading on facilitation of the Social Art Assembly, Brighton UK, 26/11/2022) Social Art Network

My role for the event was supported by Axisweb, for whom I am also creating a learning guide/playbook to support future blended/streamed events.

‘Whose Quality? Values in Art & Design Education’ / Feral Art School, Hull / March 2022

‘Whose Quality? Values in Art & Design Education’ at Feral Art School

I provided technical support and video documentation for Feral Art School‘s one day symposium. The symposium aimed to “engage artists, employers, academics from within and outside formal education structures, arts organisations and other partners to critique the current landscape and explore alternative ways of supporting the development of artists”. The event featured a physical audience, with a combination of physical and digital participants.